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Pite Duncan, LLP, an AV-Rated business litigation firm represents financial institutions and related entities, including mortgage servicers, banks and credit unions of all sizes from the largest national companies to small, local entities. All clients, regardless of size, are given excellent service. The Firm also represents many non-judicial foreclosure trustee companies in regard to defense litigation and compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In addition to our real property related services, many clients utilize the Firm in regard to recovering personal property that secured a loan that has defaulted. The Firm assists clients in California, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Hawaii and Texas in regard to creditor bankruptcies, evictions, loss mitigation, judicial foreclosures, wrongful foreclosure defense litigation, claim and delivery/replevin actions, and fraud recovery. Pite Duncan has also successfully handled numerous appeals on behalf of its clients. In addition to our 65 attorneys, we have over 50 paralegals and assistants. Here you will find the detailed qualifications of our attorneys.
Pite Duncan, LLP
4375 Jutland Drive, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92117
ph: (858) 750-7600 • fax: (619) 590-1385
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